Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The use of this website ratifies the agreement with the Terms and Conditions defined below. Please read them carefully before using this site. If you do not agree with any section of the content, please contact us before using the website.


Finca Mariposa accommodation and tours are available for booking directly on this website. Alternatively, you can book Finca Mariposa on Airbnb. Please refer to the set terms and conditions with Airbnb bookings, payments and cancellation policies outlined here.  


Our Terms of Reservations Direct Bookings, Payment Methods and Cancellation Policies

Check-in: After 1 pm (Highly recommended you arrive before 6 pm to avoid navigating mountain roads at night – 3hrs from Medellin can easily become 5hrs at night)
Check out: 11 am (or later if pre-arranged and new guests are not arriving that day)


Early Check-in/Late Checkout Early check-in and late check-out are offered based on availability.

A charge may apply.  Please contact us at Fincamariposajardin@gmail.com


Guest registration

We require valid contact information from the guest making the reservation, including first and last name, address, phone number, and email address.  For your safety and security, government regulations require that we register the names of all guests occupying the Finca Mariposa through recording passport numbers or cedula numbers.  These will be recorded upon arrival.



Terms of Reservation and House Policies


We are 100% smoke-free home. Smoking is only allowed outside on the patio or on the grounds.

 For safety and to assure that our facility is not exposed to items or actions that create an unhealthy and objectionable odor to our guests and staff, and that is difficult to remove from the air, carpet, walls, and furniture. We do not permit smoking tobacco, marijuana, illegal drugs, e-cigarettes, vape pens, vaping, cartridges containing the liquid of nicotine, hookahs, incense, cooking, cigars, candle burning, the use or diffusing of patchouli oil or other strong-smelling plant-based essential oils or synthetic products in our facility. Marijuana is always prohibited. Any damage caused by smoking in the house will be billed back direct to you



Direct bookings with Finca Mariposa


A booking can be done through our website or contact us via email at To cancel your trip, please contact us at fincamariposajardin@gmail.com or via WhatsApp at:  +1 416-571-1004

Reserving Accommodation

To confirm a booking, we require a booking deposit of 50% of the total amount at the time of booking, and the remaining balance to be paid at the beginning of your stay. You can pay using any of our payment methods listed below.


The maximum Occupancy is 6 guests.  House occupancy requirements are based on fire code/fire safety restrictions. 


Cancellation Policy for Accommodation

Finca Mariposa will have the right to charge a cancellation fee. The corresponding cancellation fees are as follow:

  • Within 2 days of arrival: 100% (not refundable).
  • Within 3-14 days of arrival: 50% cancellation fee.
  • More than 14 days in advance of arrival: 0% (full refund).
  • To cancel your trip, please contact us at fincamariposajardin@gmail.comor via WhatsApp at:  +1 416-571-1004.  The refund will be issued to the credit card that was used to pay, or to a PayPal account within the next 15 working days after the cancellation is effective.


Reserving Ecotourism Experiences

All nature and hiking tours, coffee tours or additional services (meals, transport) – can be reserved and paid directly with us via payment method (listed below) or paid by cash (COP) with our staff at the start of the service.


Rates: All rates are quoted in USD, plus tax.  Rates may increase without notice.  Rates, as advertised on the Finca Mariposa Jardin Website, other website or promotional material, are subject to change at any time.


Payment method Ecotourism Experiences
 Once you choose your preference services, select the day and time of your choice and the number of participants in your group. Next, you can make your booking deposit or full payment as follows:

  • You can pay with your credit card or Paypal – 50% upfront and the remainder at the start of the experience.
  • Or, you can pay 100% upfront online with your credit card (or Paypal). You can pay with any of the major credit cards (VISA, MASTER CARD) We also accept the payment via PayPal and or payment direct to our Davivienda Colombian Account if you have an account in Colombia.

Cancellation Policy for Ecotourism Experiences

Travelers can cancel their tour or activity at any time. Finca Mariposa is not responsible for weather conditions, personal emergencies, or schedule changes.  However, Finca Mariposa will have the right to charge a cancellation fee according to the time in advance when the cancellation was made. The corresponding cancellation fees are as follow:

  • Same day or the day before arrival: 100% (not refundable).
  • From 2 to 3 days in advance of arrival: 50% cancellation fee.
  • More than 4 days in advance of arrival: 0% (full refund).
  • To cancel your trip, please contact us at fincamariposajardin@gmail.comor via WhatsApp at:  +1 416-571-1004 The refund will be issued to the credit card that was used to pay, or to a PayPal account within the next 15 working days after the cancellation is effective


Right to refuse service

Finca Mariposa Jardin is a privately owned and operated home. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason(s) that does not violate Colombian laws.  Finca Mariposa Jardin has a  zero-tolerance policy. We will refuse to admit or refuse service or accommodation or may remove a person, without refund, who refuses to abide by the reasonable standards and policies established by the owners and management of the house.


Finca Mariposa Jardin will refuse service or evict a guest: for refusal or failure to pay for accommodations, is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substance and acts in a disorderly fashion as to disturb the neighbors; is unable to supervise their children at all times properly, seeks to use the house for an unlawful purpose; seeks to bring into the house: an unlawfully possessed firearm; or something, including an explosive or hazardous or toxic substance, that is unlawful to possess and that may be dangerous to other persons; destroys, damages, defaces, or threatens harm to the staff; causes or permits persons to exceed the maximum allowable occupancy of room, or refuses to abide by the reasonable standards or policies established by Finca Mariposa Jardin for the operation and management of our house.


Lost and Found Policy


Finca Mariposa assumes no liability for lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged valuables or belongings. If you discover that you have left behind something of value, please contact us immediately at fincamariposajardin.com  or via WhatsApp at:  +1 416-571-1004, and we will try to assist you in locating your lost item. Any items found will be held to a maximum of fourteen (14) days, at which point unclaimed items will be donated, discarded, or disposed of accordingly.


Alcohol policy


Registered guests of legal age who choose to bring their own alcoholic beverages must consume in the house. 


Firearms and weapons


The safety and security of our guests and staff is extremely important to us.  Our home is private property, and there are absolutely no firearms allowed on the premises.  Guests and vendors who fail to abide by our policy may be asked to leave the premises, are subject to trespass and may be subject to further legal action.  Exempted from this policy are law enforcement officers and designated military personnel who are on-duty and required to carry firearms in the performance of their duties.


In case of emergency or fire


In case of an emergency or fire, please contact your host Marta on WhatsApp +573113981236  and follow the fire safety procedures posted in the house.  The house is equipped with smoke detectors. Details can be found in our house information material upon arrival.


Damage and/or theft of house property  


You are fully liable for any damage howsoever caused (whether by the deliberate, negligent, or reckless act) to the room(s), homes, premises or property caused by you or any person in your party whether or not staying at the hotel during your stay.  Finca Mariposa Jardin reserves the right to retain your credit card and/or debit card details as presented at registration.  We reserve the right to charge or debit the credit / debit card such amounts as it shall in its sole discretion deem necessary to compensate or make good the cost or expenses incurred or suffered by Finca Mariposa as a result of the aforesaid.  Should this damage come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right, and you hereby authorize us to charge your credit or debit card for any damage incurred to your room or the home during your stay, including and without limitation for all property damage, missing or damaged items, smoking fee, cleaning fee,  guest compensation, etc.  We will make every effort to rectify any damage internally before contracting a specialist to make the repairs. Therefore, we will make every effort to keep any costs that the guest would incur to a minimum.


Damage discovered after check-out


Guest Rooms found with waste strewn around, in complete disorder, and/or “trashed” will be subject to maintenance deep cleaning fee, administration fee and/or third-party fees, and the guest will be fully responsible for all damages. DAMAGE TO ROOM:  Damage to rooms, fixtures, furnishing and equipment, including the removal of electronic equipment, towels, bedspreads, blankets, sheets, artwork, etc. will be charged at 120% of full and new replacement value plus any shipping and handling charges. Whether accidental or willful, any damage to home is the responsibility of the registered guest for each room. Any costs associated with repairs and/or replacement will be charged to the registered guest’s credit card. In extreme cases, criminal charges will be pursued.


Additional costs due to events outside our control

Additional costs incurred by guests due to events or situations beyond Finca Mariposa’s control (natural disasters, acts of God, terrorism, strikes, or other political problems) are the client’s exclusive responsibility.




Our staff/hosts are trained and required to respond to our house terms and policies’ potential violations. Guests who refuse to abide by the reasonable standards and policies established by Finca Mariposa Jardin for the safety of all guests, staff, owners, property and the operation and management of the house will be evicted, with NO REFUND. 


Complaints or concerns

All complaints must be made via email at Fincamariposajardin@gmail.com