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What makes Finca Mariposa Jardin Coffee so special?

Our Finca Mariposa Jardin coffee is grown at 2000 meters (6000ft), one of the highest altitude coffees in the world. Cultivated in rich, red soil from the ash of Nevado del Ruiz volcano of the northern Andes, combined with mild temperatures, cloud forests, and cool nights which feed constant moisture. All of these elements result in a medium-bodied, easy-drinking cup. 

Jardin coffee is known for the perfect amount of sweetness – and softened acidity – in one word – Balance. That is what makes it so drinkable, which is why your first cup will never be your last.  

Aroma and Flavor– Some say our Jardin coffee aroma is chocolatey and fruity, and the taste – cocoa, caramel, with hints of herbal and tropical fruit. The only way you will know the flavor for sure, is if you taste it for yourself!

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Minimizing water usage by separating beans early in the process
Workers at Finca Mariposa- a coffee farm in Jardin Colombia
Coffee beans freshly picked